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Obican, Jovan  (1918 - 1986)

was born in Cannes, France, of  Yugoslav parents. From childhood on, Jovan practically devoted himself to art, scratching designs on mud pies when paper was unavailable. He trained with many recognized teachers with many styles. He finished his training, imbued with the spirit of his native country, the people, their legends, and their philosophy. It has been said that his work has a "timeless quality" and a naive, child-like primitive style. Obican is identified with his style the world over, a style that is simple yet sophisticated; child-like yet masterfully adult; a style that tells a story with psychological, philosophical or sociological overtones.

The art style is a unique one. It is a conglomerate of tradition, history, legends, hero tails, epics, old customs and a derivation of folklore. It is a self-standing style, recognizable, cheerful, whimsical and a happy creation. Auszugsweise aus:






signed Jovan Obican 65

(Flying carpet) Woodprint 28 x 22 cm