Robert Fremont




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Thee blue room, enamel on wood cut-outs, 46x46cm

At the upper left there is the head of a cat wearing a yellow shirt with a red collar with a stripe tie. On the right side halfway down there is a blond woman, dark skinned


Puzzle 1

Inner fields, enamel on wood cut-outs, 46x46 cm. Cut-outs representing various mini landscapes. At top there are buildings with a crescent moon above on a dark blue and red background.



"Interview" 45 cm x 45 cm

Collage  >

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Le Petit Musée, Collage on wood with enamel colors

39.5 cm x 47 cm
The collage includes a small brass protractor, some shells, a label with the word "KLIX", two colored pencils stubs, yellow and pink. The Title appears at the bottom right side


Puzzle 2

"Outback", enamel on wood cut-outs,

46 x 46 cm
Has a square insert in the center

featuring a landscape